In 1913, Dayton was the first large city to adopt the Commission-Manager form of government. The Mayor and four Commissioners form the Dayton City Commission. They are elected at-large on a non-partisan basis for four-year, over-lapping terms. All policy matters are decided by the Commission, which is empowered by the City Charter to pass ordinances and resolutions, adopt regulations, and appoint the City Manager. Commission meetings are conducted every Wednesday on the second floor of City Hall, 101 W. Third Street.

The Commission Clerk is responsible for all Official Record Keeping for the City of Dayton, publication of all legislation and public notices, and maintaining the R.C.G.O. on a current basis with enacted/amending legislation. He/she serves as the Executive Assistant/Clerk of Commission, and liaison between the Commission and the administrative officials and advises on policy formulation and long-range plans.